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About Us

BeSafe Traffic Management Services is proudly an Australian owned and operated family business.

Our “Safety First” attitude and high degree of professionalism is well respected in the industry.  We ensure health and safety is considered and implemented in all planning and work activities.

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Andrew McAtee (National Manager)

Andrew has over 15 years experience as a Manager working in the contracting space in service and utility contracts.  During this time he has managed utility vegetation contracts for vegetation management companies across two States and an electrical utility maintenance program in NSW.  This contracting experience gained while conducting business in high density urban environments has facilitated a transition to the Traffic Management Industry.

Andrew is driven to build a customer focused business from the ground up, ensuring it is ingrained into the culture of the organisation. Andrew’s passion is to lead the industry in improving business practices, integrating technology and ensuring the safety of everyone involved in traffic management.

Matt Clements (Operations Manager – Victoria)

Matt began his working life completing an apprenticeship as an automotive refinisher.  After a period in the industry a directional change saw Matt pursue a career in Traffic Management.  Matt performed the roles of traffic controller and team leader which gave him the relevant experience he references today in his operational role.

Matt joined the BeSafe Team in 2011 during which time he has shown through attention to detail and meticulous planning great outcomes can be achieved. Matt has a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing traffic guidance schemes.  BeSafe and our business partners rely on Matt for all our permit and planning needs.  Matt has recently taken on the management of our Tasmania branch and will promote the business across two states.